JRNLD: Manage Your Job-Search

Manage Your Job Search

Tools you need to manage effective job-hunt at your fingertips

Formalize your job-search process
Strategize each job-application
Be better organized and more productive

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Job Search Management

Job Search Management

Time Management

How much time do you spend on each job-application?​

Successful job-applications require strategizing, networking, and follow-up

Resume submission

Do you track your job-applications after applying?​

Most job-applications are forgotten after applying​​

Job Search Management Tools

How many tools do you use to manage the process?

Using multiple tools to manage your job search is inefficient​

75% of job applications are rejected by ATS before they reach a human

Formalizing job search process can significantly improve your chances of moving ahead in the recruitment cycle

JRNLD Enables Effective Job Hunting

JRNLD Is Your Personal Job-Search Manager

Job Applications


Plan and track job applications as you progress through the recruitment cycle



Plan and journal your networking activities



Build your rolodex of contacts and interviewers



Maintain a list of companies in your wishlist and the ones you applied to



Set tasks and reminders at each step of the process



Maintain detailed notes at each step of the process

A Fully Featured Premium Job-Search Management Experience For Job-Seekers

Unified View

Unified view of all job-hunt activities

Professional Relationship Management

Professional relationship management

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