Honor Plan

Honor Plan

  • Is the application helpful in the job search process?
  • Can we help everyone looking for a job irrespective of their financial capabilities?

These were the two questions when we launched JRNLD. The application was launched during the second peak of the pandemic. We knew that people were hurting and we saw this as an opportunity to assist them in their job search.

We had initially planned for a paid and an advertisement-supported free plan with limited features.  The pandemic made us change our minds. We still have 2 plans. The plans now have exactly the same features and we want everybody to pay as much as they can and want. This will help us sustain, grow, and be even more effective.

The honor plan is targeted towards people who are in a financially tight spot or are not sure of the efficacy of our job search management tool.

We believe giving the choice of these two plans will attract more people to the application and will help provide the answers to the above questions.