Job Search Organization or Job Search Management?

Job Search Organization or Job Search Management?

The digital age has brought about a major impact on every aspect of our lives. Access to job postings has significantly eased and applying is no longer a chore

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Why job search organization is not enough?

For a job hunter, it is normal to apply to multiple positions. With so many job applications, it is easy to lose track of them.

Job search organization is necessary for an effective job hunt process. It helps you to stay on top of each individual application, while at the same time it provides you a good perspective on where you are in your search. It will quickly help realize the ineffectiveness of hob application spamming and will help you identify what tactics work and what don’t. That’s just job half done.

Why do we need job search management?

Job search management not only helps you organize your job applications, it also helps you to strategize, learn and adapt. Each role is different. Your approach therefore has to be tailored for each application. Diligently tracking your efforts will provide you the necessary learnings to help better strategize for your next job application. Are you applying to the right roles, you you need to focus on specific interview questions, are you lacking in your networking activities, do you need to do better due diligence on the employer the next time? Using these insights, you can then better prepare for you next job application.

Characteristics of a good job search management tool

A good job search management tool needs to have the following characteristics:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Ability adapt to the needs of each job applicant
  • Reduces the job search management effort
  • Ability to provide insights on your efforts
  • Provides a unified view at the application level and at the process level
  • Provides the ability to strategize for each job application

Following an effective job search management process helps you discover and achieve your goals faster. Remember, job spamming no longer helps. Instead, focus on job strategizing.

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